Lux Vibe


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Lux Vibe is an analog uni-vibe for demanding musicians.

Its exceptionally deep pulsating character is unheard of in other devices of this type.
Two channels let you easily switch between your favorite settings.





Lux Vibe covers such a wide range of sounds that it’s difficult to decide on just one. That’s why it’s two-channel!


   I / II

The green (I) and red (II) channels are identical and have the following functions:


Classic vibes suffer from the loss of modulation depth at high speeds. Lux Vibe does it the right way. It couldn’t be faster.


It’s the first Vibe that doesn’t need to be set to 100% for it to sound great.


Modulating the signal causes a change in its perceived volume. Moreover, the perceived loudness depends on the parameters of this modulation, so it cannot be fixed. The VOLUME knob allows you to adjust the volume of each channel to your liking.

   CH / VIB

Modes known from the classic 1960 Uni-Vibe. Vibrato (VIB) delivers a soft and round pulse. Chorus (CH) is already a classic of the genre – it sounds sweet, biting and addictive!

   FBK / OFF

That’s a feedback loop – hence the FBK. It significantly emphasizes pulsation of the low frequencies. It gives modulation unprecedented depth and intensity. To put it simply, it modulates the signal with phase shifting stages multiple times before it reaches the output.


In addition to the above functions, Lux Vibe is also equipped with a common controls for both channels:



The classic Uni-Vibe circuitry sounds really muddy. Many musicians like it, but even more of them try to get around the problem with external devices. Lux Vibe solves the problem with a single switch.


This is probably the most interesting feature of Lux Vibe. Each piece of the analog Uni-Vibe effects sounds a bit different. The greatest fans of these pedals try many pedals before they find a satisfactory sound. The OPTO VOICE knob controls the parameters of the optical circuitry – the heart of the entire pedal. The default knob position is 50%. By turning it left and right, you will meet all the vibes in the world! The knob indirectly influences the range of frequencies that are modulated by phase shifting stages.




Power – 9V DC standard polarity

Current draw – 45mA max.

Dimensions – 105 x 120 x 53 [mm] / 4.13 x 4.72 x 2.09 [‘]




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