Second One


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Second One is a modern approach to the legendary Japanese chorus from 1979.
It’s an exact replica of the second most important chorus in guitar history.

While preserving the original sound, we’ve managed to drastically reduce noise level and increase headroom. Additionally, the pedal has been equipped with numerous new features.





Second One has been equipped with modern power line processing system. As a result, the noise level has been reduced by over 10dB.

It also has a significantly higher headroom – it doesn’t introduce unpleasant distortion at high signal levels.

The device has been equipped with efficient circuit that protects against damage in case of improper power polarity or excessively high voltage.



Modulation speed. The speed range has been doubled compared to the original circuit.


Modulation depth.


Modulation effects often create a sense of volume boost or drop. This is partly due to the actual difference in signal levels, but the main issue lies in the change of perceived volume due to tonal shifts. Second One enables precise adjustment of modulation volume according to current needs.


Toggles between the original circuit and the VIBRATO mode (dry cut).

   ON / OFF

Stereo True Bypass


Mono out.


Plugging a cable into this socket switches the device to stereo mode (CHORUS). The WET signal is sent to socket A, and the DRY signal to socket B.”




Power requirements – 9V DC center-negative

Current Draw – 99mA max.

Total dimensions – 72 x 114 x 47 [mm]