The One Preamp

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The One Preamp is an analog preamp straight out of the legendary Boss™ CE-1 from 1976.

It brings the signal into a warm and organic saturation. It is perfect for coloring your clean tone. It works brilliantly as a booster, and even a fuzz.

Go back to your roots and go back in time almost 50 years. Find out why the CE-1 has become a legend.


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THE ONE PREAMP is what you love about the famous Boss™ CE-1 beyond it’s rich modulation. Many guitar players used the CE-1 chorus just to achieve that crunchy, sharp and gritty overdrive.




• True Bypass

• LEVEL knob
The level knob works identically to the original. It set’s the volume before the preamp circuit. The louder you set it, the more saturation you get.

• HIGH / LOW toggle switch
It also works identically to the original. The preamp has two modes. LOW is recommended for guitar signal. It’s less saturated, but brighter. HIGH gives you fuzz-like sound with significant high end roll off.

This little, crazy white diode lights up every time your signal goes clipping.


How does it look?


The pedal is covered with beautiful structural Diamond Black glitter powder paint. It is almost impossible to scratch or chip it. The faceplate is true, brushed and anodized aluminum plate made for my custom order.


The pedal is covered by a lifetime warranty.


I’m so sure you will love it, that I’ve put my own signature on it!




Power requirements – 9V DC center-negative

Current Draw – 20mA max.

Enclosure dimensions – 64x114x30 [mm] // 2.52×4.48×1.18 [“]

Total dimensions – 72x117x47 [mm] // 2.83×4.60×1.85 [“]