How about selling a guitar pedal of your idea?

Are you an online creatormusician or a businessman who loves the guitar world?
With my 10 years of experience in design and production,
we can do something really cool to get you closer to your fans and make a profit.

The process

Preparation Phase
      • Consultation   /   discussing your desired sound, functionality, and appearance of the pedal
      • Design   /    combining all the ideas into a design
      • Prototyping   /    building a prototype that’s shipped to you for testing and approval
Production Phase

Pricing and timing

Preparation Phase


This one-time payment starts at $799 and depends on the design complexity level.
It takes about 3 months for you to get the first piece for any marketing endeavors.
Production Phase
The production is charged per item. The unit cost is calculated after initial conversation.
The minimum order is just 20 pedals. That’s where the expenses start being reasonable.


Check out The Heroine pedal line by Shotmaker created by us in such model.


If you feel like we could do something cool, let’s have a talk!