The One Chorus


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The One Chorus is an analog modulation pedal for demanding musicians. A faithful replica of the legendary Boss™ CE-1 from 1976.

Its warm and organic sound is unheard of in other choruses. The preamp drives the signal into a pleasant saturation.

Go back to your roots and go back in time almost 50 years. Find out why the CE-1 has become a legend.





Switches between two operating modes. The selected mode is indicated by a green/red LED above the button.


The only knob that controls the main chorus mode. It simultaneously affects the speed and depth of modulation. Classic CE-1 sounds are often achieved by adjusting this magical knob!


Modulation depth in the vibrato mode.


Modulation speed in the vibratomode. The LFO knob pulses in the rhythm of the vibrato modulation.

   ON / OFF

Turns modulation on/off. The operating mode depends on the following toggle switch.


The CE-1 has a distinctive built-in preamp. In the original Boss™ version, it is always on and cannot be turned off. Setting the toggle switch to true bypass mode makes that turning off modulation, also turns off the preamp.


Preamp operating mode. The high mode overdrives the signal so much that it is often considered useless. However, I decided to fully capture the spirit of the original CE-1. The low mode is the classic CE-1 with its delicate but beautiful crunch.


This is simply the preamp volume control. The knob works in the range from silence to a gentle boost. Increasing the volume causes the signal to become more saturated. The white peak LED illuminates when the signal goes clipping.


If you are using chorus in mono, use this output jack. The stereo output jack should remain unused.


If you want to experience something extraordinary, try the stereo mode. You will never go back to mono again. Use both output jacks. The wet signal will appear on the mono jack, while the dry signal will appear on the stereo jack. Spreading these two signals in the stereo panorama creates an indescribable effect.






Power requirements – 9V DC center-negative

Current Draw – 350mA max.

Enclosure dimensions – 118x187x38 [mm] // 4.65×7.36×1.49 [“]

Total dimensions – 122x187x57 [mm] // 4.80×7.36×2.24 [“]