The One Chorus

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The One Chorus is an analog modulation pedal for demanding musicians. A faithful replica of the legendary Boss™ CE-1 from 1976.

Its warm and organic sound is unheard of in other choruses. The preamp drives the signal into a pleasant saturation.

Go back to your roots and go back in time almost 50 years. Find out why the CE-1 has become a legend.


Add-ons total:



Improvements over the original


• True Bypass / Original toggle switch
The original mode leaves the preamp in the signal chain whether the modulation is turned on or off. True Bypass option bypasses the preamp circuit while the modulation is off.

• Standard 9V DC power socket
It’s a Boss-type socket (oh irony!) with regular center-negative polarity. The pedal converts the voltage internally to +/-14V for the headroom and sound, just as in the original.

Low noise analog NOS BBD chip
The BBD chip used in The One Chorus has exactly the same audio specs as MN3002, but it has MUCH less noise to it. No compromises, it’s just better. Pure analog modulation with greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Two times smaller enclosure footprint

Three times smaller mass

• Four times lower price
Compared to the original unit in great condition.


Bi-color red/green LED for chorus/vibrato mode

White LFO LED on the panel
Pulsing with the rate of modulation separately for chorus and vibrato mode

White signal clip LED on the panel
Lights up when the preamp is clipping your signal


How does it look?


The pedal is covered with beautiful structural Diamond Black glitter powder paint. It is almost impossible to scratch or chip it. The faceplate is true, brushed and anodized aluminum plate made for my custom order.


The pedal is covered by a lifetime warranty.


I’m so sure you will love it, that I’ve put my own signature on it!




Power requirements – 9V DC center-negative

Current Draw – 350mA max.

Enclosure dimensions – 118x187x38 [mm] // 4.65×7.36×1.49 [“]

Total dimensions – 122x187x57 [mm] // 4.80×7.36×2.24 [“]