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Gate is a definite must-have in every pedalboard. Perfectly gets rid of noise and all kinds of hum.

It does not affect the sound of the instrument. It does not color or degrade the bandwidth.

By the way… did you know signal gating is the inverse of compression?
The Gate raises dynamics!






Signal level below which gating occurs. Most often it should be set around the middle of the scale.


Gating circuit input / output. The gate should be connected after devices generating noise (drives, compressors, preamps, etc.), but before delay / reverb effects.


It significantly improves the gating effectiveness. This input should be connected directly to the guitar. Thanks to this solution, the gate works perfectly when switching between amplifier channels, as well as when switching any other effects.


This socket is connected directly to KEY INPUT. It lets you connect the gate to the rest of the system more easily.


It allows you cut the ground loop if present in the system. Classic “Ground Lift”. Disconnects the ground between the two gate circuits. Most often it should be set to the “down” position.



Lifetime warranty.


I’m so sure you will love it, that I’ve put my own signature on it!




Power requirements – 9V DC center-negative

Current Draw – 25mA max.

Total dimensions – 72x117x47 [mm] / 2.83×4.60×1.85 [“]