Golden Legend


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Golden Legend is an analog overdrive for the demanding musicians.
The legendary Klon™ Centaur™ with tons of new features.

Its transparent characteristics effectively emphasize the articulation. It preserves the original character of the sound and takes it to a new level. If you like your gear but are missing something, Golden Legend is the missing link.

Immerse yourself in a world of new possibilities and unleash your creativity.



Improvements over the original


Optional transparent boost is always a useful feature. It makes your overdrive pedal not a one-trick pony anymore. The one-knob booster is switchable by additional, independent footswitch. You can also use the booster with your Legend off. Treat it as two independent pedals in one box.

Effects Order toggle switch
Do you remember about two effects in one box? You can arrange them in the order you want! The Booster before Legend will boost the gain and increase the saturation. The Booster after Legend will boost your output volume. How cool is that?

DRY knob
This is your parallel dry signal control. You can mix it in to your Klon-overdriven sound. Mixing distorted signal with clean signal opens up completely new sonic territories. Now you can achieve the same distorted punch without loosing clarity. Despite high saturation, you can hear every single note perfectly. It’s especially useful for playing chords or rock riffs. This solution was inspired by professional music production techniques. Surprisingly many rock songs have a clean-ish guitar mixed in to improve the sound clarity. At 0% of DRY knob rotation you get no dry mixed in. At 50%, the dry signal is unity gain. By turning the knob even further, you are boosting your mixed in dry signal. Crazy!

At 0% of knob rotation, you get the original circuit. Turning the knob clockwise gives the overdrive circuit a little extra gain available.

STOCK / HI CUT toggle switch
Don’t you think, that the original is a little too bright? So do I. With that extra toggle switch, we can call that problem solved.

STOCK / FAT toggle switch
This mod opens up the low end of the overdrive circuit. If you ever felt, that the original could have a little extra umph, here you go. Bass frequencies added. Say goodbye to thin-sounding Klon.


How does it look?


The enclosure is covered with unique and impressive, golden powder paint with insanely high gloss surface. The color shimmers with all possible shades of gold. It is a symbol of the great versatility of this pedal. The knobs and footswitch rings are illuminated green. The knobs are lit all the time, while footswitch rings indicate whether the Boost or Legend is on or off. You can control the knob LEDs brightness with a trim pot on the PCB. You can also turn the illumination completely off with a DIP switch at the same place.


The pedal is covered by a lifetime warranty.


I’m so sure you will love it, that I’ve put my own signature on it!




Power requirements – 9V DC center-negative

Current Draw – 110mA max.

Enclosure dimensions – 100x120x35 [mm] // 3.94×4.72×1.38 [“]

Total dimensions – 109x120x52 [mm] // 4.29×4.72×2.05 [“]